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GHOST DATA / Haniwa / Carpoolparty / Monikers


"GHOST DATA produces electronic music with his fan christened "Dreamsynth" styling, unyielding in his pursuit to create beautiful, lush, and emotional pieces that whisper the story of The Shepherdess."

Haniwa /

"Haniwa are a completely pleasurable listen, like watching clouds float in a blue sky whilst laying in a field of sweet smelling Springtime blooms…you’ll be raving to all your friends about these guys!" -Stage Dive Magazine

Carpoolparty /

A subconscious familiarity moving your body in the form of Vapordance

Monikers /

Monikers was formed on the basis of bringing the unbridled energy and excitement of Rock and Electronic music together. Ben Rowland and Clay Milford created the group in an attempt to bring fresh ideas to modern music.